Installations of All Major Brands
Did you know that not all dishwashers are the same size?
Most dishwashers are made to fit into an industry standard opening (34"H-24"W-24"D) although some brands are shorter, some are narrower and some are not as deep and still others that need to take full advantage of the standard opening dimensions.
There are instances where it appears that the old dishwasher will not come out and the new dishwasher will not fit. If your old dishwasher has new hardwood, laminate or tile flooring installed in front of it then the dishwasher is now sitting in a depression.
What this essentially does is change the original height of the opening from 34" to sometimes as little as 33".

We have the product knowledge to be able to help you make the correct decision in regards to which dishwasher will fit your home best and the expertise to make sure that your installation is Done Right.